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Wired (07 January 2018): Wanna Master the Crafty Aerodynamics of a Humongous Telescope? Call Boeing

Wired: 20 August 2017): The Most Extreme Way to Watch the Eclipse? Chase it in a Jet

Gear Patrol (March 2015): Eclipse-Chasing in the Faroe Islands

Gear Patrol (19 January 2016): A Guide to the Bucket-List Spectacle of the Decade: The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The New York Times (27 March 2013): Packing the Family for a Solar Eclipse


Wired (01 September 2018): Riding With the Diplomatic Couriers Who Deliver America’s Secret Mail

The Drive (12 march 2018): 5 People Died in a Helicopter Crash in New York City's East River. I Was There.

Popular Science (08 August 2018): A fatal helicopter crash exposes the complexities—and risks—of influencer marketing

The Drive (03 August 2018): In Mongolia, Drones Look Deep Into the Past in a Hunt for Dinosaurs Fossils

Wired (08 April 2018): Inside the Safety Issues Surrounding the NY Helicopter Crash

Entrepreneur (25 May 2017): What Gary Vaynerchuk Learned by Experimenting on Himself

Wired: (06 July 2016): Eight Lessons for Fixing the Cities of the Future

Men’s Health (April 2015): The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Weekend Is Take a Long Drive by Yourself

Popular Science (June 2004): Is This What War Will Come To?


Wired (27 September 2018): Inside the Secret Conference Plotting to Launch Flying Cars

Wired (14 September 2018): To Solve Flying Cars’ Biggest Problem, Tie Them to Power Lines

The Drive (20 August 2018): Icon A5 Aircraft Test Flight: Flying Into What the Future of Mobility Should Be

The Drive (4 June 2018): How Much New-Tech Transportation Death Will We Tolerate?

Wired (15 June 2018): Four Reasons We Don't Have Flying Cars Yet

The Drive (21 May 2018): Uber's Self-Flying Air Taxi Dreams Are a Delusional Fantasy

The Drive (25 April 2018): Wait, Who Even Asked for Self-Driving Cars in the First Place?

The Drive (13 April 2018): Can Big Automakers Be Trusted With Big Data?

Wired (11 April 2018): Raytheon’s New Radar Could Help Bring Flying Cars to Reality

The Drive (25 January 2018): Latest Tesla Autopilot Wreck Shows How Future Car Accidents Will Be Investigated Like Plane Crashes

The Drive (15 January 2018): Is All This New Automotive Safety Tech Working? Not If Drivers Don’t Understand It

The Drive (7 December 2017): How Long, Really, Until Self-Driving Cars Hit the Streets?

The Drive (21 November 2017): Science Confirms: New Tesla Roadster Will Be the Greatest Getaway Car Ever

The Drive (03 November 2017): Auto-Tech Investing Goes Insane, Becomes a Blood Sport for the Future

The Drive (23 October 2017): American Commuters Fail Miserably at Last-Mile Mobility

The Drive (19 October 2017): Puerto Rico Is a Testbed for Emergency Drone Cargo Deliveries

Wired (19 October 2017): To Survive the Streets, Robocars Must Learn to Think Like Humans

Wired (18 September 2017): Wanna Stop Distracted Driving? Make Cars that Watch Their Humans

Popular Science (2 December 2015): A Human Driver Vs. Robby The Autonomous Racecar


The Drive (19 September 2018): 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class First Drive: A Well-Rounded Compact With a Bad Sense of Humor

Wired (18 September 2018): Audi at Last Unveils the E-Tron, Its First All-Electric SUV

Gear Patrol (18 September 2018): The Upstart Genesis G70 Is a Truly Worthy BMW Competitor

The Drive (06 September 2018) : Mercedes-Benz's All-Electric EQC Crossover Uses a Distracting Idea to Attempt to Boost Efficiency

Wired (04 September 2018): Mercedes Challenges Tesla With an All-Electric SUV

The Drive (31 August 2018): Automakers and Audio Companies Are Pushing In-Car Music Technology Farther Than Ever

The Drive (28 August 2018): At Aston Martin, Design and Engineering Build Off One Another to Create Sports Car Magic

Gear Patrol (15 August 2018): 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Review: 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque… In a Wagon

The Drive (16 July 2018): Meet the Zombie Cars of West Africa

Popular Science (03 July 2018): This is Jaguar's first real attempt to take on Tesla

Gear Patrol (28 June 2018): The Porsche Panamera Executive Successfully Competes With the Big Boys

The Drive (12 June 2018): It's Michelin Vs. the AAA in Tire Safety

The Drive (11 January 2018): A Lesson from CES 2018: All These Screens in Cars Might Kill Us

The Drive (09 January 2018): The Secrets of Electric Cars and Their Motors: It’s Not All About the Battery, Folks

Gear Patrol (01 August 2017): First Drive: 2018 Bugatti Chiron, The World-Bending King of Cars

Wired (26 July 2017): Inside Dodge’s Face-Warpingly Fast Demon Dragster


Wired (25 June 2018): VR Pilot Training Now Comes With a Sense of Touch

Wired (19 July 2018): The Head-Spinning Challenge of Making Helicopters Autonomous

Popular Science (22 May 2018): Getting on an Airplane? Here's How They're Inspected to Keep You Safe

Wired (31 May 2018): Airbus's New H160 Helicopter Helps Save Pilots From Their Own Mistakes

The Drive (15 May 2018): The Mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 May Never Be Solved—But We Shouldn't Stop Searching

The Drive (02 January 2018): Will Blue Origin Beat SpaceX to Manned Space Flight in 2018?

The Drive (19 December 2017): The HondaJet Ride-Along Review: Honda Takes the Slow Track to a Fast Plane

The Drive (20 November 2017): Your Outrage Over Business Jets Is Silly


Popular Science (28 June 2018): Power-multiplying exoskeletons are slimming down for use on the battlefield

Popular Science (23 April 2018): It’s not just Syria—chemical weapons still pose a global threat

Wired (28 November 2017): US Fighter Jets Are Getting the Laser Cannons They’ve Always Deserved

Wired (20 October 2017): America’s Future War Trucks Don’t Need No Stinking Windows

Wired (11 October 2017): Humanity Gets a Laser-Shooting, Drone-Slaying Dune Buggy


The Drive (8 June 2018): Shoot to Thrill: 14 Secrets to Taking Great Car Photos

Gear Patrol (25 April 2015): This Is What 400 Megapixels Looks Like: The New Hasselblad H6D-400c MS